About Jim

about_jimJim has over 25 years of management experience in customer service, call center, operations, and consultative sales. His passion is speaking to and inspiring people and organizations about personal growth and development, goal-getting, and creating powerful new beginnings – personally and professionally. Jim works with people and organizations that want to transform themselves and energize their goals, so that they can move from hoping for a better future to creating one. He is also a member of the National Speaker’s Association and the International Speaker’s Network.

With each lesson learned comes a New Beginning, a chance to step out once more and do things differently the next time. Armed with a greater understanding that comes from finding the beneficial aspects of our life experiences, we can greet each new moment in our lives with a fresh perspective, one that hopefully makes living more enjoyable for us and those around us. And in greeting that new moment with a fresh perspective, we create New Beginnings for ourselves continuously.

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