“Jim,  your book ‘Learning from Life’ is truly an inspiration to those who want to  more fully experience life. By showing others how to create New Beginnings, you  open their eyes to the awesome possibility we all have to make life great.”
James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire” and  Founder,

“Jim has written a thought provoking book sure to   encourage anyone seeking to recharge their focus in life. He shares practical   ways to step beyond our life paths and discover dormant potential within   ourselves. This book is sure to reward you with renewed motivation to discover   your own personal new beginnings. Get ready to experience more joy in your   life!”
Cathy Braddock, Life Insurance Agent, TRANSAMERICA

Every  person has a unique journey through life, and along the way there are many  challenges. These challenges can either defeat us – or be joyfully embraced as  learning opportunities. It’s our choice. For Jim, the choices we make forge our  destiny. Learning from Life: Simple Ideas  to Add More Joy to Your Life is a  treasure that will enrich anyone’s life and relationships. This book is about his  journey, highlighting the simple yet profound ideas that enabled him to not  only overcome challenges, but also understand and grow from them. Therein lies  the magnificence of truly learning from life. The lessons are applicable to  everyone’s life and include the importance of gratitude, taking care of  yourself, dealing with fear, going beyond your comfort zone, self-discovery,  setting goals, and much more. Richly-layered and touching, Learning from Life will provide every reader with insights and  ideas on how to embrace joy, create a new beginning, and implement major life  changes.

“Writing “Learning from Life” was a true labor of love  that took over 10 years to finish. But it is obvious to me now that I needed to  experience more of life before it could be completed. Light truly does follow  the darkness. In so many ways my life is no different than yours. I hope that  what I was able to learn will also be of great benefit to you, and show you  ways to not only reach beyond your circumstances, but to create joyous New  Beginnings for yourself and others.”

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