“Our organization runs a training program for homeless men and Jim has run a class for us many times. I’ve been struck not only by his enthusiasm and passion for our mission but also by the dignity and respect he shows to the trainees. I have seen firsthand how his classes have inspired our trainees to achieve their goals and have seen a change in some whom I had my doubts would make it through the course. Jim’s class is frequently cited as one of the best at our feedback sessions at the end of training and I hope that he continues working with our residents in the future.”
– Steve Hill, Guest House of Milwaukee

“It was inspiring and powerful for me. It changed my thoughts from a negative view to a positive view and outlook on life. The importance of patience and persistence in your life can help you create a good healthy sense of self.”
Ken B.

One of the things Jim has enjoyed most about his professional experience is the chance to coach others. Jim has been a student and teacher of personal development for many years and gladly shares that experience and insight with others in both one-on-one or group coaching sessions. Creating and growing successful relationships is an important part of that process.

“Having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s personal or professional life has always been very rewarding to me. I have been blessed throughout my life to have been mentored and coached by others, formally and informally. Coaches help us dig deeper inside ourselves to find that part of us that is sleeping… then awaken it. They also gently help us come face to face with the things that may be stopping us from being joyful and successful. There are few things more powerful than seeing that light turn on in someone else. That’s why I consider myself grateful to be able to help others the same way.”

If you are interested in coaching with Jim, please click here and let us know how he can be of service to you or your group.

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